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Making Money Blogging Continued – Where and How To Promote Free

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Welcome to another post about making money blogging continued from one of my previous posts. In this post, we will help you promote and get your blog out there to help you make money from it. If you need to learn the basics of getting started making money blogging then check the previous post here.

Making Money Blogging – Promote Your Blog

So you have your blog and if you have read my previous blog on adding Adsense then your already good to go. But where do you go what do you do next to promote your blog and free? Well firstly promoting is the best way to see major earnings in your blog as also getting more traffic and visitors. First tho I want you to think what is your blog about, what category does it come under. Read below we will talk you through each site to help you with making money blogging.

You need to promote in the right places, and also one of the best places is Reddit. Reddit is a very popular social bookmarking site which allows members to join discussions and also post links. BUT they don’t like spammers so please follow my guide below on how to get a mass of traffic to your blog without been banned for spamming. Also, owning your own free subreddit on Reddit is very beneficial which we will discuss further down in the Reddit section.

Also, use other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus to get your blog out there. Creating groups on Facebook and a Facebook page will help. By also linking your page to your group with the related niche/topic of your blog.


Promote Your Blog Gain Hugh Traffic From Reddit

As I mentioned before Reddit is one of the most popular Social bookmarking websites on the planet. But you must use this site wisely and try use the site first by communicating with others. Don’t just join and throw your link around as this looks bad and you do not want to be banned. As this site is worth the time and effort to be successful blogger and money maker.

So before you zoom off to join please read some wise moves to do below.

Try and build a good rep for your self by communicating with others. This will build your karma on the site which you get karma points, this will give you the reputation you need on Reddit. To get karma points you must communicate in the Reddit community by replying to members or even posting relevant information.

In Reddit, you will find there are many Reddit Pages we like to call Subreddits, which are different pages/niches. Say you want traffic to your blog, for example, its a gaming blog so you should post on a gaming subreddit. But like I said build your karma first. Once you have enough karma then please do this wisely and do not spam.

Use Reddit search for the niche of your blog so maybe cars or games to even web design. Whatever it is search find the subreddit and then post your link. Make sure your blog or post your sharing can add value to that subreddit. Now if your site/blog is set up right and no spelling mistakes and as great value to where your posting members can upvote your link. The more upvotes you get the more traffic and even more so if it ends up getting 100s your link may end up on the front page of Reddit. Yes, where the whole world will see it but also a staggering amount of traffic.

Creating A Subreddit

Next big thing You could do is create your own subreddit. try to get a lot of subscribers to you subreddit try to have it on topic tho with your blog for this to work out.

To be able to create a subreddit make sure you have a lot of karma first because otherwise, you can’t create one. Once you have this go to and create a subreddit. Like the image below try and think of a page name first use your main Keyword targeted. This is a great way for Making Money Blogging.


Make sure as well you have a catchy title with your target keyword. Then do a description mentioning your keyword and explain to people what the page is about to your topic. After you done this copy description and put the same in the sidebar. Once done scroll down to the bottom click create. Now you just need to promote this page, also add your link on the page of your blog and once added. Click on comments to it then announcement this will keep it pinned to the top of your page. The more people join the more traffic.

Getting Traffic Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus

There are so many people using Facebook to getting traffic to their blogs. A great way is not just to share on your timeline but also create a facebook page and group. This will also boost your blog earnings with Adsense. Create a stunning page which also you can create free facebook cover on which also lets you do twitter as well. Creating an attractive cover and title with your page and group. Now that you created these also work on your facebook page try to get those likes on your page and edit the call to action button. Call it sign up, or learn more and add your link in there as well.

Do also add daily on your page whether it is insight or some of your blog posts. Try adding some quotes of funny pictures to attract people. Maybe you’re struggling to get Facebook likes on your page well that’s easily fixed use social exchanges like Sociallikesplus these help people get free facebook likes.

Also, use the same techniques on Google Plus and Twitter, create twitter and google plus a page with the name of your blog title and try and work on gaining followers. A Little tip on Twitter to get great leads on traffic. Doesn’t always work but if you create a unique twitter profile with bio and hashtags to even your blog added. Then search on Twitter for your topic or niche. When it loads up click the people tab. Find a person who as a lot of followers and then click on their followers. But make sure its someone same interest. But why click their followers, well simple there is a reason why this person as that amount of followers. Because they’re interested in that niche.

When you clicked on their followers go through as many as you can by following them all. This may sound odd to do but it works. You need to gain niche related followers. So if they follow you and daily you tweet and post blog pages to Twitter. You are going to get great activity on your blog which equals cash for you.

So please try use all what as mentioned above do these daily and by far you will become a success. I will be making more Making Money Blogging guides for soon. Please like and share thank you.


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