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Free amazon gift cards fast – How to get free Amazon gift cards

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Getting free stuff online can be accelerating especially getting free amazon gift cards fast. Yes, you heard correctly free amazon gift cards fast which there are numerous ways to get them. In this article, I will show the many ways of getting gift cards free. The internet is such a huge place for free resources, and other facilities everything we want or need is actually on the internet. So stop watching funny cat videos and learn how to get free amazon gift cards fast!

How to get free stuff

Join and learn how to get free gift cards on Amazon. Visit Points2shop here in new browser window.
We all as a nation love free stuff and you know we do. Whether you’re in the UK, USA or anywhere else in the world, we hear free and are ears stick up like dogs. The Internet as so much to offer and plenty of sites out there offering free stuff such as Amazon products to gift cards. We can use simple but easy websites which some are incentive websites doing simple tasks earning points. We can then exchange the points we have earned from Amazon products and gift cards of any kind.

But it is not just websites which offer freebies these days, you can also earn them on mobile apps. We will touch upon as many ways as I can with you all in this article. There are even sites which allow members when they do shop online they can earn cash back and also get gift cards or cash back. Which are great really as you are buying things online anyway so they’re actually paying you to buy. I will also go into this further in the article.

Free Amazon gift cards Fast – Whats the catch?

That is the exact same question I once asked “whats the catch?” well they ain’t any. The different sites we will discuss offer different ways of earning free amazon gift cards. Some of the simple ways is the Incentive and rewards websites which are not far from your reach. Many doubt these “hey I once did” but the thing is I at least gave it a try and if I didn’t I wouldn’t be writing this blog now.

I do understand where you’re coming from, and yeah most the time we have a right to worry. As the Internet is a big place and yet many scammers online or just wanting to take your money. Like some money making websites say “Pay this and you will make money” yeah whatever why the hell would I want to pay someone to make money. This is why I am searching online to make money why would I give it away when I want to make it.

I have run into many websites like these they offer you the world and dreams and the real fact is they give you nothing. You need, pointing to the right places, for you to make the right choices you actually need some good choices. So why would you want free Amazon gift cards, well because who would love nothing more to go on Amazon and purchase items/products without spending a penny/dime of there own money. I know I sure prefer to get the items for free which I have been doing for many years. Now you can too, with all the sites below join any free below or all it is up to you.

Swagbucks – Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards

Swagbucks is also a brilliant and really unique way to earn free Amazon gift cards fast online daily. It allows members to participate daily doing tasks, offers, surveys and watching videos to using their referral program. You earn points called SB so for example if you use this site daily and earn over 600 SB points you can acquire a $5 or £5 Amazon gift card fast and easy. Maybe you want a $10 or $25 this can be in £ or $ Gift cards. Which is for anyone anywhere in the world whether you use or

This site is for any country, the more time you spend the more free amazon gift cards you can easily earn and totally 100% free. This is a very popular website which was first launched on February 27th, 2008 it allows members not just to earn free Amazon gift cards but also can earn:

  • Amazon Gift Cards
  • PayPal Cash
  • Steam Gift Cards
  • Virtual MasterCard With Credit on the Card
  • Facebook Gift Cards

Check it out Sign up Free

Great site if you ask me in September 2015 it was announced that they made exactly over $100 Million in payouts. All together all the members have had over $100 million in payouts which is extremely high make Swagbucks one of the highest paying free rewards sites. This is what makes this website one of the best to earn free Amazon gift cards fast online daily. You could earn these daily, the more you put in the more Amazon gift cards you can earn and yes FREE!

free amazon gift cards



Points2shop is a very popular rewards website they have been running online since 2006. They have over 7 million members and more people join on a daily basis. I have earned a lot on here in rewards for free amazon products and gift cards also Paypal cash. So far altogether I have made over £1000 on Amazon and Paypal cash. So just shows put in your time and it can be very beneficial for you.

How to use Points2Shop

Sign Up Free Now

how to get free amazon gift cards fast

You can sign up with the link above to join Points2shop for free. Using points2shop is very easy and free to use also fun. They also have a chat and testimonial pages with tons of proof. All you do on this site is earn points with each and every activity you do on the site.

Not to worry, they suit you, and any country is welcome they offer in dollars and pounds.

When you first sign up you get 250 points once you have activated your account, this is simple they send you an activation link to your email address. Once you activated your account login get your points and fill out your profile. This will help you earn more on the site as you will also get emails to earn more. You can easily earn with this site and also win in the contests they run daily, they run highest earning contests.

So if your on there daily trying to earn points for your free Amazon gift cards fast, the more you earn the more you enter higher in the leaderboards. You can earn also by watching videos, downloading apps and playing games, Surveys and so much more ways to earn. Check also our detailed article on Points2Shop if you need to know more.

Free Amazon gift cards fast with PrizeRebel

Another popular site to earn free Amazon gift cards fast is PrizeRebel. The best effective way to use this site and the other sites you see on online4cash is create another email address. So when you do the offers, tasks and surveys to all the other sections on these sites so you don’t get spam. Anyway back to prizerebel, which is a another site same as the others in this article. Great way to get free Amazon gift cards fast online so you can get what you want off of Amazon for free.


This is a brilliant rewards site, I have been with this for many years now and never let me down. I have had over £300 in free amazon gift cards. I also have earned over £500 PayPal cash all free and this is real and this does work and 100% works. They also have friendly admin team if you ever have any problems they help straight away sorting any issues out.

How to use InstaGc

Sign up Free Now

free amazon gift cards

Instagc is similar to Points2shop you can check it out by signing up to the link above free. The great thing about this website is, soon as you have enough points you can redeem and get an instant code for Amazon on screen. So you know it works you can redeem as little as $1 or £1 So you know it works this site, earn your first 100 or 200 points and click redeem. Then choose Amazon and get your code on the screen and copy and paste your code on to your Amazon account and then you go free Amazon code.

No need to wait for Gift Cards in the post just use codes there and then. They also do other gift card codes, eBay, Facebook, Google Play and so much more… Also, when you have had over $50 or £50 in gift cards you can then start cashing out your earnings into PayPal if you so wish. InstaGc is one of the top number one sites out there which give you free amazon gift cards fast. You can earn them pretty fast on this site, you could make between 10 to 20 a day depending on how dedicated you are. Which comes in handy for birthdays and Christmas time.

Top CashBack

There are many sites online which offer members to earn off what they purchase online. So instead of just going to Argos website or Adsa, to do you shopping little secret sign up free to Top Cash Back first. But why? well if you sign up and then once signed up for example; use there search if you’re wanting to do shopping online search on cashback website for Asda or Morrisons. Whatever you shop with a search on Top cashback website and then enter the site via top cash back. This means whatever you spend you will earn back on top cash back.

How to use Top Cashback

Join now totally Free Start Earning


So simple how to use this website and it is totally amazing this is a must. You can earn free amazon gift cards fast or cash paid into your PayPal or bank accounts. Join free above and have a look when you signed up use their search, search your shops you normally use and it will show you how much you can earn from each shop you make. This works with many retailers online, you can even earn from JUST EAT the takeaway company. So really your getting paid in cash or Free Amazon Gift cards for shopping online.

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